Team Coaching

Pit Stop for your team

You either just started with a new team and want to get off to a good start, or your team has been around for a while and you need some new energy. It is important for every team to occasionally reflect on how you are doing the things you do. How you interact. 

Collaboration is in our DNA. From our survival brain we are focused on cooperation. After all, if we fall outside the group, we will not survive. This unconscious control has an effect on what we think, feel and how we behave. It causes many problems and miscommunication in teams. Despite our need to work together in a pleasant team, we are only moderately successful. Energy leaks away through mutual hassle and a lot of potential remains unexploited. 

Such a Potential helps you and your team to see where it tends to get stuck and how to turn this towards results.

Results after 1 day

  • Behavior and interaction that guarantees better results
  • Clarity on a joint team task, goal, and results
  • Learning as a team instead of individual team members
  • More fun in the team meetings
team Pit Stop


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