• The program is designed in a way that you can safely learn and practice at your pace. Always and everywhere.
  • The program contains various learning and teaching methods, which you can always consult in your personal online learning environment.
  • You get my personal guidance during the online contact moments in the masterclasses or coach sessions.
  • The program offers effective and continuous learning.
  • The program is an easy and cheap way to learn about team coaching.
  • Already after the first learning module,  you can start coaching your team yourself.

main Results

  • You learn and coach your team module by module
  • Deep understanding of a team as a system
  • Knowing how to develop a team 
  • Preparing a team for agile working methods
  • Deep understanding of your role in the development of a team
online training

value for your money

To understand groups properly, you must experience for yourself what is going on in groups. You learn to understand how you influence the group and how the group affects you. In this program, I pay a lot of attention to experiential learning. You will coach your team in parallel with the training program and do many other practical assignments. Please note: at the start of the program, you do not have to have a team yet. 

When I started to coach a team, it felt unfamiliar. But I learned by trying, stepping in at the right level for the team and for myself, and making hours. I want to pass this lesson on to you. I support you in those exciting first hours. I will give you the exercises and theory that fit to those first steps in the unknown. Slowly we built it up. Like that, you gain more experience and more confidence. You don’t have to do it on your own, we do it together!

Frequently Asked Questions

A module consists of a block with theory, a workbook, and video fragments. On average, you spend between 4-8 hours per week on the program.  Some weeks more than others. Besides the modules, you have the right to follow masterclasses and coach sessions, and you will have to practice with what you have learned in each module. How much time you spend on this is up to you. The more, the better!

It is an intensive training that requires time and energy from you.

A masterclass will take place in a small group. The coach sessions  are  1:1. Both are interactive session in which I go deeper into the material. I share my  experiences with you, and you can ask me questions. The masterclasses or coach sessions are 1 hour and online. You have the right to join 2 masterclasses and 2 coaching sessions. That is 4 hours of personal guidance.

You can try two modules, if you’re not satisfied you will get a refund, without any questions. I want your investment to really pay off for you. 

When you sign up for the course, you will get a bill. It is possible to pay in terms, but if you pay the amount in one go you get a discount of 10%.

Immediately after I received your payment, you will get the first module. Exactly two weeks later you will receive module 2 and again two weeks later module 3 and so on. Until you have received 10 modules. The reason that there are always two weeks between the modules is that I want you to really understand the  topics and to practice as much as possible.

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About the trainer

Christel Hofman

As a  kid, I already was  fascinated by groups. In my career, I often noticed that positive group dynamics make a huge difference for the effectivity of a company.  This had become my motivation to better understand and guide teams. 

Over the years I have been a  manager and coached my teams towards more independence. In my role as a consultant, I  coached many teams  at different levels. From top executives to operational or multidisciplinary teams.

I have experience with agile working methods such as Scrum and Holacracy. I am a certified Holacracy coach.

I follow (international) training at the highest level to continuously professionalize. It is my mission to bring more lightness and efficiency into teams, and I love to support you in your development.  Do you have questions? Know that you can always email me at christel@suchapotential.com.