Making Teams Work!


Our mission is to make the working place a great place to be. We believe that everybody wants to work in a way that they feel fully accepted in the team, that they feel no barriers to deliver all the knowledge, experience and creativity that is needed to get the best results.



We need collaboration in teams or in all kinds of contexts where we meet to work on a product, result or service. The matter that we deal with in our daily work often requires several specialisms, experiences and perspectives. Collaboration is therefore no longer a luxury for the social ones among us.

But how can we work together without

  • sitting in lengthy, boring meetings 
  • feeling like you don’t really matter

  • feeling over-responsible because someone has to do it.

Of course, you can organize an energetic teambuilding. That certainly helps, if only for a few weeks. But we know from experience that once we get back to the workplace, the negative team dynamics slowly come back and the positive energy of the teambuilding seems to be far behind us.


When, for example in a teambuilding, you learn that your colleague is more person-driven or rather task-oriented,  it helps you to understand your colleague. However, it does not help you to prevent a negative undercurrent, let alone convert it into effective collaboration. We teach you precisely the latter. The team exists because it has to deliver a result, it has a task to perform. The difference between Such a Potential and other teamcoaching and -training companies, is that we look at a team as a task-systemFor us, it’s about the team becoming a mature task-system. In which everyone takes responsibility for the result.


What we do....

We offer our services in The Netherlands, Belgium and Slovenia

team coaching

Training: become a team coach

Do you already have experience? Then the intensive three day expert training might be the right fit for you. Please, contact us. Together we will discuss the best option. Read more and press the button below.

team training

Team coaching for starters

In a day you get some theoretical background and an advice what you and your team can improve to become more mature and result oriented. See our pit Sip Stop offer. Press the button below.


Team coaching for growth

Do you want to grow as a team. Together we make a program that fits your needs. We coach you when you’re doing your daily work. You don’t need to invest extra time. You will have sustainable result after a few meetings.