Working well together rarely succeeds

We need to work together in teams or in all kinds of other contexts where we meet to work on a product, result, or service. As a person, but also as an organization. The matter that we deal with in our daily work often requires several specialisms, experiences, and perspectives. Collaboration is therefore no longer a luxury for the social ones among us.

But how can we work together without…

  • Attending boring, lengthy meetings?
  • Feeling insecure about our contribution?
  • Feeling like we don’t matter?
  • Feeling responsible because someone has to do it.

Of course, you can organize an energetic team day on which everyone gets to know each other better. That certainly helps, if only for a few weeks. But we also know from experience that once we get back to the workplace, the hindering team dynamics are still active and slowly take over the good feeling. The positive energy of the team day seems to be far behind us.

improve your team skills

Yes, you read that right. Teamwork is a skill, so you can learn it. 

Organization and teams are task systems that have a purpose. All the energy spent on ‘hassle’ is not available for the system and therefore not for the purpose or result of the organization. 

Systems Thinking investigates how the chain of interaction patterns supports or, on the contrary, sabotages this goal. From the perspective of Systems Thinking, you look at the effects of the interaction between people, not individuals. In our course you learn to recognize this interaction and, where necessary, to turn it into a positive effect on the result. 

Teams/systems are evolving. The best-known format for team development is that of Tuckman, in which the team grows into a performing team going through several phases. We teach you that the interaction patterns differ per phase. Some interactions stimulate growth, but there are also interactions that work obstructive to growth. Because you learn to recognize this per phase, it becomes easier to deploy interventions that work. You no longer have to focus on everything at once.
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